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Residential Care

Our ground floor facilities have been designed for residents who are ageing well and have taken the decision to live within a care home community. This means that they can benefit from a wide range of support and companionship rather than being isolated and lonely in their own homes.

From help with dressing and daily living activities to regular meals and easy access to visiting external professionals such as GPs, residents benefit from a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy their lives exactly as they did before living at the care home through a wide range activities in the local community and within the care home.

As requirements change and the level of need increases, Parklands Lodge is fully equipped to provide the next level of care, offering a smooth transition for those who require more support.

“What a fabulous home this is! My father has recently moved here from another local care home. He is encouraged to be active, involved and engaged by the Manager and his fantastic team. Visits are a joy as Dad is happy and excited to tell me his news about how he has spent his day. The family kitchen facility means that we can make and drink tea together just as we did when he was at home. I cant praise this service enough- After working for many years in the care home industry I am aware that we all strive to give residents purpose but in my experience, few succeed. Trust me when I say Parklands lodge does what it says on the tin - I cant praise this service enough !”