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Residential Dementia Care

We provide a safe, secure and responsive environment for those in the earlier stages of dementia.

Our purpose-built residential dementia facilities have communities dedicated to residents who are living with cognitive impairment.

Make The Most Of Each Day

We are pleased to be able to offer a safe, pleasant, and engaging environment for residents who are seeking residential dementia care.

Our team is here to assist 24 hours a day, from those who require minimal personal care and help with mobility, to those who need a greater level of support.

Through living in a community, residents can benefit from companionship in a setting where behaviours linked with dementia are the norm.

We also like to get to know each resident, gaining valuable insights into their passions, interests, hobbies, career history, family, friends, and so much more. Therefore, we can deliver the best possible care for each resident, celebrating them as an individual.

We encourage residents to bring their favourite photographs and mementos to their new home. These encourage reminiscence and communication through happy memories of their family, friends, and important milestones.

Residents can partake in any of the fun and meaningful activities that are held in the Lodge each day. Our Activities & Wellbeing Team run activities tailored to those living with dementia, shaped to each individual’s abilities and preferences to promote mental and physical wellbeing; examples include Music and Art Therapy.

Residential Care

Residential Care

Our residential care is designed for residents who have chosen to live within a care community to benefit from a wide range of support, companionship and a variety of engaging activities.

Dementia Nursing Care

Dementia Nursing Care

Dementia nursing care is typically for those who require more intensive support and monitoring from medically trained professionals. Our teams are led by registered mental health nurses, who specialise in dementia care, to assess and monitor residents’ changing needs in line with their established care plans and best practices.

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